Penguin - 2015

Hungry March Band decided to be Penguins for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, 2015

So, I used my medium of paper mache to construct a penguin.  I stepped up the notch to chicken wire, I thought it would be a better structure than just newspaper flour and water.  It was a huge hastle to deal with.  A lot of scratches from the wire.  The early stages is hard, because it really doesn't look like anything good.  

I bought a huge roll of chicken wire, and used a bar stool as a base/mannequin  since I wasn't game for my body to get scratched, plus I was working with myself.  

At first, I failed, the newspaper paste did not stick to the wire at all!  But it did stick to masking tape, which stuck to the wire.  Hence, I went through a lot of masking tape.  The wire base was pretty much all masking tape, as the first layer!

To give the torso some shape, I added an extra sheet of wire, near the belly, and covered with paper mache.  Instead of needle and thread, the chicken wire bended into itself, thus adhering to itself.  

The head was made from a inflatable beach ball, (this is how I Made the EyE and Shark costumes).  Layers and layers of newspaper and flour and water!  and of course TIME!

Some people thought it looked more like a Tucan, than a penguin...