The "MG" Project

GOAL: A complete and operative MGTC to be rebuilt/restored. Not a show winner / or custom paint job.  

My father took apart his MGTC in 1978.  The wood was rotten, and little did he know 5 years later he would start procreating children, for four consecutive years.  1983 Jimmy, '84 Cindy, '85 John, and '86 Amanda - a big family.
For the last 30 + years the MG lay in thousands of pieces in the garage.  What I used to think was a big black ladder hanging on the side of the garage, little did I know, was the chassis of the TC.  All the fendors lay on the beams, on top of the garage... etc...
May 2010, I decided to seriously come up with an idea to put together this car!  I sent out an email to my family, and cc'd Joe Curto on it, announcing I would like to put the mg together.  
I don't know what prompted me?  Perhaps, with my current job, I thought the time was right.  I take apart British Carburetors and work at British Superior (Joe Curto, INC).  Also, the reality that no one is getting any younger.  
I started this site to see the progress, as a history book...
Project Start Date: April 25, 2010